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Rally GT

134.48 usd

Application:1) Press the input field, the number field appear.
2) Enter the required average speed (km/h or mph) up to 3 decimal places with the number field.
3) At the start of the rally pressure „set “, the calculator show you the distance in meters depending on given average speed.
4) For average speed changes you delete the announcement in the input field with the x - key, the calculator counts the average speed entered before.
5) Enter with the number field the new average speed.
6) To start the computation with the new average speed press again the „set “- key. The distance remains.
7) „Hold to stop“ serves to the abort and stop the average speed computer. With the „Set“- key starts the computer again at zero with the entered average speed. In order to exclude an erroneous manipulation, must be pressed the button longer.
If the indicated distance at the Rally GT agrees with the announcement on your distance counter (Halda, Belmog, etc.), you drive exactly the entered average speed.If your distance counter indicates less, drive faster - indicates more, drive slower.
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